Why do we need fire safety training?

We offer fire safety courses Perth employers can rely on to engage their staff and inform them on how to react in the heat of the moment. Training is our forté and is the original reason we founded WA Fire.

Fire Safety Courses Perth

Why do we need fire safety training?

Why do we need Fire Safety Training? Fire Safety Courses Perth

1. Protect your staff

WA Fire’s training is designed to prepare your staff to act safely and quickly in the event of a fire or an emergency. Protecting life is the most important task for fire and area wardens. Make sure your staff finish their work day in the same condition in which they started, safe and free of injury. We can show you how to carry out an efficient building evacuation drill and how to apply it when needed. Fire safety courses Perth businesses can turn to for expert training.

2. Protect your business

Whether it’s your continued cashflow or your business facility, knowing how to evacuate your building and defend it from fire is crucial. Our expert team of fire safety professionals educate you and your staff on the correct usage of fire equipment including Fire Indicator Panels (FIP), Early Warning Indicator Systems (EWIS), fire extinguishers and blankets.

Furthermore, you can protect your business with our facility prevention service offering which identifies fire safety improvements in your business and facility. Fire safety courses Perth HSEQ managers can call upon for quality outcomes.

3. Protect the environment

Fires in your facility can result in pollutants being released into the atmosphere, resulting in environmental threats. Should your facility fire be a result of propellants, the resultant smoke may harm fruit and vegetable crops. Waterways may become polluted if the fire destroys containers holding chemicals.

Furthermore, the air we breathe can become polluted, impacting the breathing and way of life for some people.

4. It’s a legislative requirement

You are legally obligated to make sure your employees are able to carry out their jobs safely. We take the pain out of compliance with fundamental, advanced and refresher training courses for you and your staff. Protect your staff, your business and the environment!

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We offer a fire extinguisher training course and if you’re asking yourself, “How do I become a fire warden?” we’ve got the perfect training course for you.

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