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We offer a personalised approach to emergency management, focusing on the individual operational and also legislative requirements of Western Australian businesses. Our team will ensure that your workplace emergency response procedures are up to date and are also compliant with compulsory Australian standards.

Our comprehensive services also ensure your business is fulfilling insurance obligations. In the event of business operations being impacted by fire damage, you can breathe easy knowing that our team has your back. Paying for an insurance premium is expensive, and we can also make sure your business is covered, by conforming to insurance company guidelines.

Our workplace emergency response procedures services include:

A Tailored Approach for the Aged Care Industry

Our team fulfills the growing need for specialised healthcare and also aged care industry emergency management services.

Our all-encompassing aged care fire training packages are comprised of user-friendly and easily understood practical components.

As a result, you can rely on us to provide comprehensive aged care workplace emergency response procedure and fire safety trainingcontact us now.

Our knowledge and skills

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment is a friendly Western Australian emergency management business, sporting 50+ years of practical firefighting experience, knowledge and skills.

Gareth Deeg leads our team and is an accomplished industry professional, possessing multiple emergency management qualifications, culminating in a Certificate IV – Public Safety (Fire Fighting).

Our experienced team convey a practical and theoretical view on all aspects of emergency management. Our training and planning services also highlight these perspectives. We help you to address and mitigate the risks of real-life emergency situations.

When an emergency situation arises, the decisions made in the early stages are crucial. Our competent team will prepare your staff and also ensure that the early stages of an emergency situation are adequately planned for and managed.

We witness and also experience the impact of emergency situations. Make sure you adequately manage an emergency situation in the lead up to the arrival of emergency services. As a result, our tailored packages are key to a successful emergency response plan. This level of preparation and education is of utmost importance – contact us now to learn more.

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Our Team

Gareth Deeg – Managing Director
  • Born in NSW and graduated from West Wallsend High
  • A member of the West Wallsend Retained Fire Service of NSW for 12 months before moving to WA
  • Played professional A-League Soccer in WA, developing a passion and also an appreciation of team dynamics
  • Graduated from DFES recruit school in June 2006
  • Graduated Station Officer School in early 2016, with the honour of DUX
  • Commenced business operating under the trading name of Fire Training WA, which was updated to WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment in 2012.
  • Specialising in the aged care industry, collaborating with large aged care providers
  • After amassing a wealth of industry experience, Gareth has put together a team of fire fighters that also share his passion to educate, prepare and plan.
  • WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment employs fully qualified technicians, draftsmen and trainers to ensure high quality workplace emergency response procedures services are provided to clients.

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