Aged Care Fire Safety Training

We tailor accredited aged care fire safety training packages for your facility and staff members. Our training courses comply with fire safety regulations and Australian standards. Our courses are designed to ensure your staff respond quickly to emergency situations.

Aged Care Facility Fire Safety Regulations

Just like any Australian business, it is a requirement that aged care facilities have fully functional smoke detection systems installed and maintained.

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment will ensure your aged care facility’s smoke detection systems adhere to Australian standards and are loud enough to be heard by all building occupants. Patients and staff must be alerted to ensure a quick and safe building evacuation is carried out.

Aged Care Facility Evacuation Plans

Emergency escape routes must be shown in all aged care facility rooms, on every building level and also in public places. Evacuation plans are our forte, ensuring all aged care facility staff are prepared to react accordingly, in fire emergency situations.

Quick and easy access to fire extinguishers is also crucial. Our all-encompassing and supportive approach ensures your evacuation planning documentation is accurate, and your staff are adequately trained on where to locate and how to use fire extinguisher equipment.

We provide customised aged care fire safety training to your staff, in order to cater for disabled patients who require specific assistance when evacuating the building.

Emergency Evacuation Training and Emergency Response Procedures for Caregivers

Aged care fire safety training is a mandatory step for all caregivers and must adhere to Australian standards and regulations. Monthly drills will be carried out to ensure staff are kept up-to-date and adequately prepared to respond to a fire emergency.

Aged care fire safety training is very specific and staff are educated on:

  • minimum support ratio
  • escape routes for patients
  • fire safety equipment
  • special actions for disabled patients.

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