On Site Emergency Fire Response Team

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment are on site emergency fire response team experts, and offer a responsive approach to incident standby and fire watch.

Our team is skilled at acting fast when it comes to emergency management, focusing on the unique requirements of each scenario. Our highly experienced team perform standby fire emergency services at very short notice.

It is crucially important to have an on site emergency fire response team on hand for your activities that require protection from all possible emergency situations. Protect life, property, infrastructure and the environment with WA Fire’s standby cover services.

On Site Emergency Fire Response Services

Recent changes to the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 means that we are in a position to offer on site emergency fire response services relating to Total Fire Ban (TBF) activities.

These changes apply to industry, business and public authorities who wish to carry out prescribed activities during a Total Fire Ban. The affected activities include:

  • Blasting
  • Fireworks
  • Gas Flaring
  • Hot Work
  • Road Work (Grading and Bituminising)
  • Off-road Activity
  • Catering Activity

Previously, industry, business and public authorities were required to apply to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) for an exemption to carry out the activities listed above.

Recent changes have eradicated the need to apply for an exemption, instead operators must comply with the new Bush Fires Regulations 1954 that took effect as of November 6 2019.

There are still activities which require TFB exemption applications, these include:

  • Programmed hot fire training
  • Rail grinding
  • Religious and cultural ceremonies

Operator Responsibilities

Prescribed Activity Steps: Operator Responsibilities for Total Fire Ban

Engage WA Fire for Regulations Compliance

WA Fire carry out on site emergency fire response work for the following prescribed activities:

  • Hot work: despite hazard controls, environmental changes can result in hot work emergencies occurring. Our emergency fire response team are incident standby and fire watch experts, competent in hot works fire suppression. We are trained to eliminate emergencies caused by wayward sparks, molten metal and heat from welding, grinding and metal cutting. WA Fire’s consultancy services can also assist with controlling fire hazards in the workplace environment that are not always apparent such as removal or shifting of paper, plastics, packaging, dried grass, material fibres and other more obvious hazards such as gases and flammables/combustibles.
  • Road work: implies any type of activity carried out for the objectives of the construction, upkeep or fixing of a road. There needs to be, at the very least, 2 authorised fire extinguishers in correct functioning order situated nearby. The road works equipment cannot be used within 5 metres of any kind of combustible product. In addition, if there is less than 30 metres between the roadway being laid and any type of bush, shrub, plant, crop, bristle or meadow, then a certain quantity of firefighting water needs to be supplied on site in water tanks installed to firefighting vehicle.
  • Emergency fire cover: we will be on standby at your business premises or event to ensure that if a fire or emergency situation is to occur, our professional, rapid response team is there ready to act. You can rely on WA Fire for reliable service when protecting life, property, infrastructure and the environment, including:
    • Fireworks
    • Gas Flaring
    • Off-road activity
    • and food catering events

WA Fire's On Site Emergency Rig

The body was a DFES vehicle that was placed on a custom made extreme heavy duty tandem trailer to extend the weight, water storage and also equipment lugging capacity. The front is designed to hold a 1000 litre IBC or pallet. There is a non-removable 600 litre water storage tank in between tool and equipment boxes. The trailer is designed to be remarkably functional, when WA Fire carry equipment or supplies around on site.

The chemical / foam injection system makes the system 3-5 times more effective than water alone.
1600 litres of water
+ Class A foam system
= 4800 – 8000 litres of untreated water.

The trailer also comes fully equipped with 9 horsepower Briggs & Stratton pump surrounded in marine grade aluminium casing, and also a Protek 360 fire fighting nozzle that meets the demands of Forestry and Rural Fire Brigades where water conservation preferable. Recent upgrades include a food and drink fridge for those long shifts.

The trailer also houses all the hoses we need, fire fighting jackets, pants, gloves, safety headgear and goggles certified to: AS/NZS1801:1997 ^ Type 3.

WA Fire are equipped and ready to assist your business with on site emergency fire response services.

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These fire emergency services are just a branch of WA Fire’s offerings. You can also rely upon WA Fire for industry specific fire safety training, including our unique fire safety training for the aged care industry.

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