False Alarm Reduction

False alarm reduction ensures your business can focus on what’s important; helping people, and making profit.

False alarm reduction and responding to real emergencies

We have your best interests and bottom line in mind with the provision of our false alarm reduction service.

Your business is charged each time a false emergency alarm is raised.

The psychology behind reducing the amount of false alarms, is to also reduce complacency within your business.

Liken a false alarm to the boy who cried wolf; when an active emergency situation arises, the staff, residents or occupants of a facility may disregard the ringing siren as yet another false alarm.

This level of complacency ultimately results in lives being at risk.

False alarm fees are avoidable when the correct systems, services and training measures are put in place by a reliable fire safety provider

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment recommends funnelling a portion of potential false alarm costs into a tried and true false alarm reductions service package.

Avoid and mitigate costly false alarm penalties by allowing us to audit your business.

We evaluate your current fire system, fire equipment servicing, existing fire safety provider, suggest cost effective upgrades and then train your team on how to correctly operate the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP Training).

False alarm reduction is an investment, not an expense. The ongoing savings will be noticed short-term and long-term.

Some of the biggest causes of false alarm activations are:

  • Failure to isolate a section of your facility in which workers are carrying out renovations or repairs
  • Incorrect staff operation of the fire indicator panel
  • Steam emitted by various machines in your business facility
  • Cooking

Contact WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment today to enquire about mitigating false alarms and discovering potential business savings.

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