Fire Warden Training Perth

We tailor fire warden training packages for your staff members. Our fire warden training courses comply with safety regulations and also Australian standards. Most importantly, the training is designed to ensure your staff respond quickly using site specific workplace emergency response procedures.

Fire Warden Training Packages

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment offer packages to suit Fire Wardens and also Area Wardens. We offer both accredited and non-accredited fire warden training, specific to your business needs.

The training packages include:

  • Fire equipment including our fire extinguisher training course
  • Evacuation training including emergency fire response
  • Fire indicator panel (FIP training)
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS training)
  • Building evacuation drills

Fire Warden Training Key Learnings

  • Identifying and reporting an emergency situation
  • Identifying and reporting hazards
    • and associated control measures
  • Emergency fire response behaviour and procedures
    • and how to respond to certain warnings
  • Understanding emergency control organisation
  • Emergency situation prevention
  • And also emergency situation preparation

You will also learn about emergency escape routes on every building level and also in public places. This is most noteworthy so that Fire Wardens and Area / Level Wardens can work together in an emergency situation. Evacuation planning is a core strength of our training which ensures warden staff are prepared to react accordingly in emergencies.

Knowledge of evacuation plans also ensures fire wardens have quick access to fire protection equipment including fire extinguishers. Our approach ensures your evacuation planning documentation is accurate. Therefore, wardens are adequately trained on where to locate and how to use fire protection equipment.

Fire Warden Training Course Content

Training is a mandatory step for all fire and area wardens. The course content adheres to Australian standards and also complies with regulations. The material is recommended for new fire wardens and also those who require a refresher course. As a result, WA Fire will ensure your warden staff are kept up-to-date and adequately prepared to respond to fire emergencies.

Course content is detailed below:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Standards compliance (if requested)
  • Incident investigation
  • Facility fire safety
  • Facility alarms, safety features and systems
    • Raising the alarm using FIP
    • Also using the EWIS
  • Understanding evacuation plans, procedures and types
  • Executing evacuation plans
    • Managing people
    • Final tasks
  • Bomb threat response
  • Fire Warden specific tasks
  • And also Area / Level Warden specific tasks

Contact us today for fire warden and also area / level warden training. We will train you on-site at your premises, using your building’s emergency features, systems and also your fire protection equipment.

Also include fire extinguisher training in your fire warden training package.

Fire Warden Training Perth

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