How Do I Become a Fire Warden?

How to become a Fire Warden

The fire warden at your workplace decided to stand down. Or maybe they’ve quit to work at a different company.

Lots of people give more than professional services to their workplace. Some people become first aid officers, while others prefer to fundraise for a cause. Then there are some people who like to handle big responsibilities in times of crisis … enter the fire warden!

If you want to get your foot in the door as the new fire warden of your workplace, and don’t know how to take the first step, then this blog post is for you! Achieve the role you have eyed off for so long.

Here are Fire WA's tips for obtaining that Fire Warden role you've been eyeing off!

What is a Fire Warden?

A fire warden is a person within a workplace who is bestowed the role that assists to manage fire safety and also emergency situations. It is their responsibility to act quickly and safely to protect life, environment and also infrastructure.

How do I Become a Fire Warden?

  1. Apply: First of all, lodge the request with your Office Manager or HSEQ Manager. Show them you’re keen to be of assistance.
  2. Get training: Have your Office Manager or HSEQ Manager contact a fire safety training consultant for fire warden training.
  3. Get educated: Fire warden training courses will teach you how to protect life, the environment and infrastructure. You will learn emergency preparedness and emergency response techniques that you can apply in the workplace and also at home. Most fire safety trainers educate you on-site in your workplace. Understand your facility’s fire safety systems, features and also equipment.
  4. Get experience: Work with your Office Manager or HSEQ Manager to schedule regulatory emergency evacuation drills. Apply your skills on these dry runs.
  5. Stay relevant: There are fire warden training refresher courses to ensure your knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

What is Involved in Fire Warden Training?

  • Regulatory and also standards compliance
  • Investigation of incidents
  • Facility fire safety
  • Facility alarms, safety features and systems
    • Trigger alarms using FIP
    • Also use of the EWIS
  • Evacuation plans, procedures and types
  • Evacuation plans
    • Managing people
    • Final tasks
  • Bomb threat response
  • Fire Warden and Area Warden specific tasks

It’s also a good idea to include fire protection equipment training such as fire extinguisher training.

Fire Warden Role Responsibilities: WA Fire

What is the role of a Fire Warden?

To follow regulatory requirements and safety procedures in fire prevention and also emergency preparedness. Fire prevention involves day-to-day proactive duties, whereas emergency preparedness involves reactive emergency situation duties.

Examples of day-to-day proactive fire prevention duties also include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure fire exits and routes are free from obstruction
  • Make sure fire exits are freely available, can be easily opened and are also not blocked from the outside
  • Check that fire extinguishers are in the correct locations as per all emergency diagram documents
  • Ensure fire extinguishers adhere to regulatory conditions with relevant service certificates
  • Store combustible materials (this even includes office paper) away from potential sources of ignition and/or heat
  • Test emergency lighting and exit signage
  • Check fire alarm is in good working order and tested according to regulations
  • Conduct fire risk assessments
  • Identify hazards
  • And also carry out emergency evacuation dry runs in accordance with regulations

What is the role of a Fire Warden During an Evacuation?

Examples of reactive emergency situation duties also include, but are not limited to:

  • Raise fire alarms using the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP)
  • Call emergency services to attend the scene
  • Communicate using Emergency Warning Intercommunications System (EWIS)
  • Evacuate and guide staff to safe and available exit routes
  • Assist disabled and mobility impaired people – this is especially relevant to aged care fire safety
  • Isolate machinery and/or manufacturing processes
  • Safe use of fire equipment to fight fires where needed
  • Meet at the muster point to conduct staff role call
  • And also liaise with emergency services upon their arrival

What is an Area Warden?

An Area Warden (or Floor Warden) reports to the Fire Warden and acts quickly and safely to evacuate a designated area (or floor) of a workplace.

Who conducts Fire Warden Training?

WA Fire Training Services & Equipment can train you to become a fire warden. We offer both accredited and also non-accredited fire warden training, specific to your business needs.

Therefore, you can contact us today for bookings or further information.

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