Earthquake Safety Tips

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake centred near Lake Muir occurred at 1:05PM WST on Sunday September 16, 2018. With tremors being felt in Perth, we thought we’d provide some earthquake safety tips and the impact earthquakes have on fire safety in the workplace.

7 Earthquake Safety Tips

1. Drop down and take cover

If an earthquake hits while you’re at work, drop down and take cover under your desk. Hold onto your desk until the shaking stops.

2. Stay indoors

Do not run outside. Stay indoors until your fire warden or emergency response team give you the all clear. A roll call may need to take place after fire alarms have sounded.

3. Look out for large furniture

We all react differently during a workplace emergency. The best thing you can do apart from points 1 and 2 is to make sure you’ve moved away from large pieces of furniture that can fall on you.

4. Stay away from windows

From small scale facilities, to large high rise buildings – please stay away from windows. These are typically the first parts of a building to break.

5. Stay away from buildings

If you work outside, find an open space that is out of the way of buildings. Furthermore, if you can stay away from powerlines, lamp posts and trees, this will also assist in upholding your safety. Again, drop to the ground.

6. Slow down if driving a car

Your best defensive driving efforts are required here. Stay in your car and drive to a clear place away from lamp posts, powerlines and trees. Think of the safety of others too, please slow down to avoid causing traffic accidents.

7. Shut off your gas mains

Perhaps the biggest fire related earthquake safety tip – shut off your gas mains. These pipes can break during an earthquake, so it’s best for everyone’s safety if the gas is shut off. Also eliminate any potential ignition sources and do not light up a cigarette because the spark could result in a fire.

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