Changes to Bushfire Warnings

Fire Safety Training Perth; Changes to Bushfire Warnings

As of September 14 2021, WA experienced changes to bushfire warnings. The warning colours on Emergency WA are being updated as per the information below.

Changes to Bushfire Warnings

WA is joining other Australian states and territories to deliver nationally consistent emergency information through the Australian Warning System (AWS).

What is AWS?

AWS is a user-friendly warning system to help Australians stay safe during an emergency. Knowing the AWS warning levels, colours and icons will help all Aussies know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Why is AWS being implemented?

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is committed to continuously improving emergency information for all Western Australians, and for those travelling throughout our expansive State.

We want everyone in WA to be safe, and that’s why we’re delivering nationally consistent emergency information when you need it most. These changes to bushfire warnings will ensure a level of consistency from state to state.

The changes are the first step in WA’s adoption of the Australian Warning System. This means you’ll receive uniform bushfire information no matter where you live, work or travel in Australia.

What do the AWS warnings look like and mean?

While the warnings may look different, they still mean the same thing:

🟡 Advice: There is no immediate threat to lives and homes. Be aware and keep up to date.
🟠 Watch & Act: There is a possible threat to lives and homes. You need to leave or get ready to defend.
🔴 Emergency Warning: There is a threat to lives and homes and you need to take immediate action to survive.

Australian Warning System (AWS) - Changes to Bushfire Warnings. WA Fire

What else is new?

As well as new bushfire warning colours, Emergency WA will show warnings in an ‘accordion’ format, making it easier for you to quickly find info such as road closures and evacuation centres.

To see the changes to bushfire warnings in action 👉

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