Total Fire Bans and WA Fire Response Services

Fire Safety Training Perth; Total Fire Bans and WA Fire Response Services

As Summer approaches, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to Total Fire Bans (TFBs) in Western Australia to prevent bushfires and protect lives and property. TFBs are enacted during high fire danger conditions, either due to extreme environmental factors or ongoing wildfires that strain emergency resources.

During a TFB, certain restrictions apply to outdoor activities. You cannot:

1. Start, light, or maintain fires, including campfires.
2. Burn grass cuttings, waste, or leaves.
3. Use outdoor stoves, pizza ovens, or barbecues that require solid fuel.
4. Operate incinerators, fireworks, hot air balloons, or engage in hotwork like welding.
5. Use motorised vehicles, tractors, construction machinery, generators, gardening equipment, or dune buggies in areas with crops, bush, stubble, and pasture.

Exceptions may apply, and you can find more information on the government website

For BBQs and outdoor cooking, only electric or gas options are allowed. Ensure a clear area of at least 5 meters around the BBQ, have water on hand, and designate a responsible adult to operate it.

Farmers can take action to protect their animals and crops during a TFB, provided no Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban is in place. Specific safety measures apply, including firebreak areas and firefighting equipment.

Ignoring TFB rules can lead to penalties, ranging from a $1,000 fine for minor infractions to $25,000 and potential jail time for serious violations.

To stay updated on TFB information, visit, follow the DFES Facebook page, listen to ABC local radio, or contact 13 DFES (133 337) or the TFB Hotline at 1800 709 355. By following these guidelines and staying informed, you can contribute to a safer Summer season for everyone in Western Australia.

Total Fire Ban activities and on-site emergency fire response services

WA Fire is your go-to expert for on-site emergency fire response and standby services, catering to various industries and businesses. With a swift and tailored approach to emergency management, our highly experienced team is ready to provide emergency fire services at short notice, ensuring the safety of life, property, infrastructure, and the environment.

Our experts are well-versed in adapting to the unique demands of each scenario. This responsiveness is especially crucial for activities that require protection against potential emergency situations.

One significant development is our capability to offer on-site emergency fire response services related to Total Fire Ban (TFB) activities, driven by changes to the Bush Fires Regulations 1954. These changes directly impact industries, businesses, and public authorities engaging in prescribed activities during a TFB.

The affected activities include blasting, fireworks, gas flaring, hot work, road work (grading and bituminising), off-road activities, and catering events. Previously, these entities had to seek exemptions from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) to conduct these activities during a TFB. However, as of November 6, 2019, operators must comply with the revised Bush Fires Regulations 1954, eliminating the need for exemption applications.

Certain activities, such as programmed hot fire training, rail grinding, and religious and cultural ceremonies, still require TFB exemption applications. For activities falling under our emergency fire response services, we ensure compliance with regulations, offering safety and expertise in the following areas:

1. Hot Work: Our expert team is well-versed in hot work fire suppression, capable of swiftly addressing emergencies stemming from welding, grinding, and metal cutting. We assess and manage hidden workplace fire hazards, such as materials that may ignite or fuel fires.

2. Road Work: We provide on-site support for road construction activities, ensuring the presence of fire extinguishers and compliance with safety distances from combustible materials and vegetation.

3. Emergency Fire Cover: WA Fire offers standby services for various TFB-related activities, including fireworks, gas flaring, off-road events, and catering functions. Our rapid response team stands ready to protect life, property, infrastructure, and the environment, ensuring your peace of mind during such events.

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