Fire Safety Procedures in Aged Care

Meaningful, relevant and enjoyable aged care fire safety training

Our aged care fire safety training packages are receiving positive reviews from caregivers and facility management staff alike. Fire safety procedures in aged care are very specific, given the special actions for disabled patients and requisite caregiver-to-patient support ratios.

The multiple aged care facilities who engage our fire safety training and emergency procedure planning have touted our services as the most meaningful, relevant and enjoyable they’ve ever experienced.

WA Fire’s offerings to the aged care industry are so very specific, and are the key reason Gareth and the team are consistently selected to provide advice and support for fire safety procedures in aged care facilities. Our team is very supportive, and we are happy to answer your “what if…” questions. We empower caregivers to act quickly, safely and thoroughly to protect the lives of aged care patients.

Our fire safety training is engaging, catering for staff who learn visually and from hands-on experiences. WA Fire provide training for fire extinguisher usage, building evacuations, emergency response, Fire Indicator Panels (FIP), plus Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS). Our fire safety training material is engaging, while being offered to your staff in the form of PowerPoint and video content. The content provides extra detail for aged care facility fire wardens and management staff.

WA Fire’s aged care fire safety offerings also include the supply, installation, servicing and maintenance of all fire equipment including extinguishers, blankets, emergency lighting, exit signage, cabinets, hose reels, hydrant booster equipment and portable fire fighting solutions.

Our clients have expressed their appreciation for the clarity of our evacuation documentation and fire safety procedures in aged care facilities. Caregivers are adequately prepared for emergency situations, with full knowledge of emergency escape routes, evacuation plans and location of fire extinguisher equipment.

Join our rapidly growing client base, book your aged care facility training and experience the WA Fire difference.

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