The Importance of a Fire Indicator Panel

A Fire Indicator Panel is so important, because staff deserve a safe workplace.

A strong safety ethos says a lot about a company’s priorities, and should be at the forefront of an organisation’s protocols. Profit is important, and even more so is the goal of ensuring staff return safely to their families each day.

A safe workplace is focused on injury prevention and is also equipped with standards compliant fire detection systems.


A Fire Indicator Panel Saves Lives

Workplaces fitted out with the latest Fire Indicator Panel technology are better equipped to handle emergencies.

We train your fire warden staff to act in a quick and safe manner, through our FIP training course. As a result, adequate training of staff protects people and also prevents fire related injuries.

How does an FIP work?

  1. Sensors: Smoke and temperature sensors installed in your business facility detect internal environmental changes.
  2. Alerts: The Fire Indicator Panel interprets the data received from the sensors and triggers alerts such as a fire alarm.
  3. Monitoring: The FIP can be programmed to notify emergency services if monitoring equipment is installed.
  4. Prevention: Through adequate FIP training, fire wardens can disable facility manufacturing processes and also air conditioning systems.
  5. Communication: Associated EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System) functionality enables fire wardens to communicate between facility areas and floors.

A workplace that has been educated on the usage of their Fire Indicator Panel should experience a smoother evacuation process.

Fire Indicator Panel Training Course Content

We tailor training that suits your facility and include various facets, such as:

  • Where to locate the installed FIP, plus any associated system controls and panels
  • How to use FIP functionality, such as
    • Locating a fire
    • Triggering alarms
    • Initiate evacuation
    • Rescue assistance
    • Fire suppression
    • Minimising facility damage
    • Protecting the environment
  • Executing emergency response procedures
  • Communicating with other facility personnel using EWIS
  • Post-emergency tasks and restoring protection, detection and suppression systems to their initial configuration, such as
    • Fire extinguishers, hydrants, smoke hazard management, etc.
    • And also resetting the Fire Indicator Panel to monitoring status

FIP training is include as part of our fire warden training package.

Who conducts Fire Indicator Panel Training?

WA Fire Training Services & Equipment can train you and your fire warden staff in the use of your facility FIP. We offer both accredited and also non-accredited FIP training, specific to your business needs.

Therefore, you can contact us today for bookings or further information.

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