Fire Extinguisher Training

Make sure your business is Summer-ready, with our Fire Extinguisher Training services

Our expert team provide a comprehensive fire extinguisher training course for fire wardens and staff.

Make sure your business is fire-ready this Summer, with a fire extinguisher training course that is formulated to inform, prepare and engage your staff. Our supportive team will train your employees to act quickly, safely and thoroughly.

Ensure your staff are able to cope in the event of a fire to protect life, property, infrastructure and the environment.

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire safety training is where we can make the biggest difference to your business. Our fire warden and fire extinguisher training course will empower your employees to respond if a fire or emergency situation is to occur. Added benefits include being able to apply their newfound fire safety training in the home to protect family, which is particularly important in the Summer months.

Your team will be educated in a safe and comfortable environment, a factor that expedites the learning experience. We receive consistent positive feedback that our training programs are fun, relevant and adherent to applicable Australian Standards.

Our knowledge of fire equipment also enables us to supply, install, service, maintain, sell and even hire out fire safety products. Again, make sure your business is fire-ready this Summer with up-to-date fire protection equipment.

All servicing and installation is performed in accordance with Australian Standards by qualified technicians. For more information on fire equipment and training, contact us today.

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Fire Safety Training

You can also rely upon WA Fire for industry specific fire safety training, including our unique service offerings for the aged care industry.

WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment offer both accredited and non-accredited training, specific to your business needs.

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