Fire Equipment Training: The Tools and Techniques

Fire Safety Training Perth; Fire Equipment Training: The Tools and Techniques

There are many different tools and pieces of equipment used for fire suppression. This article discusses fire equipment training and techniques, including our all important fire extinguisher training course.

Fire equipment training - The tools and techniques

Fire Equipment Training

Fire extinguishers

Our fire extinguisher training course is designed to educate and engage your company’s staff. We show you which extinguishers to use in certain situations as per Australian standards. Our team will show your staff the pull, aim, squeeze and sweep technique to ensure your operation of a fire extinguisher is both safe and effective. Our training course also includes the operation of mobile extinguisher units.

Fire blankets

Smothering flames can be a faster and cleaner solution instead of using a fire extinguisher. Our fire equipment training course educates your staff how to release the fire blanket from it’s packaging, how to hold the blanket to maximise efficiency and protection.

Fire hose reels

In an emergency situation, a fire hose reel might be your best bet at suppressing a fire. We teach your staff how to turn on the stop valve, extend the length of the hose, turn on the nozzle and aiming the flow at the base of the fire.

Fire Indicator Panels

This crucial aspect of a fire alarm system requires specialised fire equipment training. FIP training will show your staff how to break glass units in order to manually trigger the system, as well as other important features and techniques. These include “end of line” user obligations and rights, such as knowing when you are allowed to silence the alarm.

Emergency Warning Intercom System

Your staff, in particular your chief fire warden, will feel confident and well versed in the operation of an EWIS at the end of our fire equipment training session. Not only will our training show your staff the exact location of a triggered fire alarm, it will inform them how to act and respond in case of emergency. From microphone operation, to evacuation instructions and contacting the emergency services, our expert team have your business covered.

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Not only can we train your staff on the safe operation of fire safety equipment, our knowledge of fire equipment also enables us to supply, install, service, maintain, sell and even hire out fire safety products.

Installation and servicing is performed in accordance with Australian Standards by qualified technicians.

For further information on training, supply, install, service, maintenance, sales and hire, contact us today.