Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Is compliance to safety standards at the forefront of your business? Do you also know if your business emergency plan adheres to legislative and insurance requirements? Do you even know if your business has an emergency plan?

If you’re unsure about the preparedness of your business, you should touch base with us today. In a strenuous business environment, it’s helpful to outsource fire safety compliance. Our team are skilled in workplace emergency response procedures and are ready to assist you and also your staff.

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How does an emergency plan save lives?

The decisions made in the early stages of an emergency situation are crucial. A compliant plan can also mean the difference between a successful and potential injury, even fatality. WA Fire Training, Services & Equipment will prepare your staff to adequately manage the early stages of an emergency situation.

What’s in an emergency plan?

A robust emergency plan will empower your staff to provide:

  • accurate information to emergency services
  • first aid, CPR and other lifesaving techniques
  • and also skills in minimising damage to your facility and the surrounding environment

These reactive tactics for protecting life, stabilising the incident and minimisation of damage are all included in your emergency plan.

A strong plan will also include proactive items such as when to conduct fire drills, also known as emergency evacuation dry runs, as well as adequate hazard assessment.

How do I prepare an emergency plan?

In tandem with your safety management team, WA Fire will conduct a rigorous hazard assessment. This exchange of knowledge will also allow for the preparation of workplace emergency response procedures to best aid your business.

We also assess the internal and external resources your business has available. This can assist in establishing specific hazards and threats.

WA Fire will accurately communicate the roles and also the responsibilities of staff in the event of an emergency situation. This includes facility specific information and ensures your workplace emergency response procedures are in line with your organisational safety performance objectives.

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