Disaster Preparedness and the Importance of Emergency Skills

Fire Safety Training Perth; Disaster Preparedness and the Importance of Emergency Skills

In the case of an emergency situation, we should all be prepared. What better way is there to protect life, property and the environment, other than to have emergency training? When people feel prepared, they are less likely to lose their cool and are more likely to cope in emergency situations. So make it a project to assemble the skills and tools you need in both personal and professional pursuits, to enhance your disaster preparedness.

Before disaster strikes

An emergency situation can strike at any time, although seasonal or regional patterns can often give you an idea of what to expect from a weather perspective. In the case of a bush fire, be sure to have your emergency plan finalised and that everyone in your household understands their roles.

In the case of your business facility or place of work, fire safety training courses are formulated with the goal to inform, prepare and engage every single member of your staff. This supportive approach will train your employees to act quickly, safely and thoroughly.

Below are a few of the more common site fire safety training and workplace emergency response programs that WA Fire offer:

Emergency training = disaster preparedness

Ensure you are ready for future emergency events by enrolling yourself and your staff in our training courses. Training is WA Fire’s fort√© and is the very premise on which our business was founded.

Getting you and your staff up-to-speed on all things fire safety related is where we believe we can make the biggest difference to your business. WA Fire will help you cover:

  • Staff education
  • Facility prevention
  • Preparation and planning

You and your team will be empowered and educated in a safe and comfortable environment. That way, you’re best positioned to absorb our teachings while building your skills and knowledge. Whats more, we all have fun in the process!

Standards compliant disaster preparedness

All training is completed in a supportive environment, and in compliance with Australian Standards.

WA Fire offer both accredited and non-accredited training, specific to your business needs.

Experts in aged care

Our aged care fire safety training is always specifically tailored to your facility and staff members, to ensure they are educated on:

  • Minimum support ratio
  • Escape routes for patients
  • Location of fire safety equipment
  • Plus special actions for disabled patients

Contact us for customised disaster preparedness training

Please contact us for a customised training package to suit your business requirements. We are ready and willing to assist you!