Christmas Fire Safety Tips

At WA Fire, we want you to enjoy your holiday season. As devoted fire fighters, too many times we see homes destroyed at a time of the year where people should be kicking back and enjoying some time off. Here is a look at some Christmas fire safety tips you can put into action during the festive season.

1. Switch off monitors and TVs before going to bed

WA Fire highly recommends that you should stop using electronic displays such as monitors and TVs, at least 30 minutes before bedtime. That way, you won’t accidentally fall asleep with the electronic display still on. Furthermore, it gives your brain more time to wind down, which will ensure you get a good night’s sleep to make the most of the holidays.

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2. Keep candles in a safe location

Candles add decorative touch to the table for your Christmas lunch or dinner. But you must make sure to keep the candles away from furniture, curtains, carpets, books, paper and flammable decorations such as Christmas crackers. Furthermore, you should keep candles away from children and pets and also remember not to place the candles in positions where they can be knocked over. We want your holiday season to be safe and enjoyable, so please make sure you execute these Christmas fire safety tips.

A photo of candles. Christmas fire safety tips from WA Fire

3. Clean up barbecue grease

We’ve seen many fat fires in our time as emergency service workers. We highly recommend you clean your barbecue this coming weekend or before you use it next. Excess barbecue grease can quickly turn a tasty turkey into a phone call to the emergency services. Give your barbecue the Christmas present it deserves – remove all grease in time for family celebrations!

A photo of a barbecue

4. Check your barbecue gas bottle expiry

There are stats listed on the collar of your barbecue gas bottle. You should notice the letter T followed by the month and year. All stamps are valid for 10 years, so if your gas bottle shows T 09-18, then this means your gas bottle was last tested in September 2018 and will not need to be retested or replaced until September 2028.

A photo of a gas bottle. Christmas fire safety tips from WA Fire

5. Check your barbecue gas bottle for leaks

If you can smell rotten eggs when turning on the barbecue gas bottle, it’s probably leaking. This is particularly unsafe and you should not ignite your barbecue under any circumstances. Instead, give the team at WA Fire a call for gas servicing.

A photo of eggs

6. Face handles away from the counter edge

For your safety, and for the safety of your children, WA Fire recommends facing all cookware handles away from the edge of your counter. Whether the pan is sitting on the cooktop or has just been transferred to the bench, the contents will be very hot. That way, small children are not prone to knocking over your hot food and burning themselves. Christmas fire safety tips like this one may save you a lifetime of heartache.

A photo of a woman using a frying pan. Christmas fire safety tips from WA Fire

7. Keep tea towels away from your cooktop

It might be convenient for quickly soaking up spills, but keeping tea towels close to your cooktop is discouraged. All it takes is a small flare up, then all of a sudden your tea towel has burst into flames. Be careful, and keep tea towels as far away as possible from any naked flame.

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8. No metal in the microwave

A basic kitchen rule that can be easily forgotten during the commotion of preparing a family Christmas meal. Any metal from foil to a saucepan will heat up so quickly to the point that it can burn your microwave. The microwaves pull the electrons out of the metal, resulting in sparks and subsequent fire. Be careful not to put metal in the microwave.

A photo of a kitchen

9. Keep looking when cooking

It’s tempting to run to the toilet or quickly run a small errand in your home while food is simmering on the cooktop. While this can be harmless, the best practice approach is to keep looking when cooking. Christmas fire safety tips like this one may save you a small spot fire, so it’s best to do the right thing and keep an eye on any cooking woks, pans or pots.


9. Be bushfire safe!

If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires, make sure you trim tree branches that could transfer fire into your home. Make sure all leaves are cleaned out from your gutters as these can quickly and easily catch fire.

Furthermore, you should keep your grass mowed and also ensure you have a bushfire plan in place that can be executed in the event of an emergency situation.

A photo of a bushfire

10. Clothes dryer safety

While the sun and sea breeze are great at drying out your clothes on the line, there will always come a time where your dryer is needed. Your daughter may want her favourite shirt for Christmas celebrations, or it’s time to dry a table cloth. When you use your clothes dryer, be sure to clean the lint filter after each use. Not only can lint catch fire, it’s also important to ensure adequate air flow through your dryer. You should also only operate your dryer when you’re home.

A photo of the inside of a clothes dryer

11. Smoke alarms save lives

Make sure you change your smoke alarm batteries every 12 months. This is typically done on April Fools Day (April 1) but there is nothing stopping you from replacing your smoke alarm batteries now.

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