Smoke Alarm Batteries

How often should I replace my smoke alarm batteries?

Smoke alarm batteries must be replaced every year on April 1. Only working smoke alarms save lives and provide early warnings to minimise property damage.

Taking the time to apply good fire safety habits is the best way to prevent fires in your business and home.

To ensure smoke alarms work properly, they should be tested monthly, and batteries changed annually.

Every year on April 1, DFES promotes the day as a reminder to change smoke alarm batteries.

Smoke alarms powered by 9V alkaline batteries require you to replace the battery every year.

Smoke alarms powered by a 10 year non-removable lithium battery do not require you to change the battery each year. Do not try to remove these batteries.

Hard wired smoke alarms are powered by an external power source. These alarms also have a battery back-up for periods of mains power outage. Many models have a rechargeable (non-removable) battery and do not need replacement but not all and these need the back up battery replaced annually.

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